Lending Paws

Lending paws

Real Dog Moms love to help their local community. Here are some wonderful ways to become involved with our local shelters, rescues and the like. Can't donate financially, but plenty of time? Can't foster a dog, but have a car and free time and can transport animals to foster homes or vet appointments? Here are ways to get involved with some of Chicago's rescues and shelter. We have posted links to their websites or their amazon wish-lists for direct donation shipments!

OR have a certified Therapy Dog and looking for places to get involved in the Chicagoland area, check out this resource page.

One of our dog moms has asked for a database to be created for our wonderful community to share info for dog care. She mentioned she used to have a network available and therefore always had trusted and free care. We have created a link to begin this lovely idea. Feel free to fill in your information if you are interested in joining this network. If you are uncomfortable posting your contact info, just add your Instagram or FB link for someone to reach out to you that way.  It takes a village, right? Click the paw for the link. I will give you access to this private document upon request.  please note any abuse of this database will result in your immediate removal. That includes anything other than seeking help with shared pet care.  

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Chicago Canine Rescue

Chicago Canine Rescue is one of the easiest facilities to volunteer and help. You can either walk their dogs or help in the shelter with bathing, watering, and cleaning the dogs and facility. They are open from 10 am to 7 pm although it’s best to come the first time in the mid to later part of the day so that the staff can help you get oriented.


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K94 Keeps is always looking for foster homes. Interested in opening up your home to a dog in need?

General needs are always:
  • Foster homes
  • raffle items for events
  • donations towards vet care
  • supplies off their amazon wishlist


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Newman Nation is a 501c3 foster-based rescue saving the most urgent special needs and hospice senior cats and dogs from high-kill shelters. The majority (around 75%) go into Forever Foster homes where they will live out the rest of their lives in love and luxury and avoid the stress of transition. Their veterinary care is covered for the remainder of their life. 100% of all donations go toward the extensive medical care of their seniors, as well as necessary supplies such as food. Their goal is to spread awareness of senior pets and eventually have fosters nationwide in order to save more seniors.
Email to sign up to foster or send donations to via paypal: seniorpetsunited@gmail.com
Donations and foster homes are their only needs as fosters are too spread out across several states. 
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OTAT is greatly in need of volunteers to care for their dogs during volunteer shifts, train to be adoption counselors, represent at events, and drive dogs from point a's to point b's! To learn more about volunteering, head over to onetail.org/volunteer-opportunities.
Fostering is of course a *huge* way for anyone to help out---It's completely free and generally the foster period lasts 2-3 weeks----Homes without dogs (or "ISO" fosters) are especially needed.
If you are interested in making a financial contribution outside of an event, their membership program is absolutely the heartbeat to their funding and tremendously eases the burden of vet bills---It's simply a $10 donation each month, and there's cool swag included at the beginning of each year.
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Sponsor one of ALIVE Rescue’s adoptable animals!

To register as a Pay it Paw-ward participant, browse their adoptable animals to choose your lucky recipient. Then fill in the information below and click the Subscribe button to set up your monthly recurring donation.