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The Real Dog Moms is a tongue-in-cheek name, as we strive to be an inclusive community of dog-crazed mommas and poppas. We love coming together to do good while having fun. Monthly events are hosted for just the humans and ones for moms and their dogs (we love dads, too). Events range from crafting (Christmas ornaments or door mats) to making toys or blankets for rescues or pool parties for our dogs just to have fun. We firmly believe that together we can do more and sincerely enjoy growing a network (and community) between dog moms, dog related business and rescues.

Check out our events page to see what's fun coming up next!

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Worthy Cause

Our first group fundraising event was in June 2017, the Chicago PAWS 5K walk. Team name "Chicago Dog No Ketchup." We were 20 Real Dog Moms and we raised just under $3K in one month. Our second major fundraiser was a the charity calendar. We hosted a contest via Instagram and selected 16 local dogs to be involved in a 2018 calendar to raise money for the Trio Animal Foundation. Big thanks to local pet photographer Laura Photos Pets for her time & hard work, from that calendar we raised $4,200 for Trio.

Our goal is continually raise money for local shelters through our events. Since beginning to host events in September of 2017 we have raised over $62,000 for Chicago Animal Shelters are we aren't stopping any time soon. We actually even filed as a Benefit Corporation, Real Dog Moms, in the State of Illinois and are committed to creating community and helping out local small businesses and rescues/shelters.

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The Dream

Our goal is to one day open a senior dog sanctuary. Nothing touches our hearts deeper than discarded grayed muzzles. We don't understand how or why it happens. What we do know is that we want to one day open a Senior Sanctuary where discarded seniors can spend their days enjoying open fields, endless belly rubs and treats until the end of their days. We don't want to see seniors waiting for a forever home or being transferred from foster to foster, but find themselves on a ranch to call home. Our hopes are to grow the funds through brand relationship kickbacks to one day make this dream a reality.

Lending Paws

The Real Dog Moms kicked off 2018 wanting to help our community find ways to become more involved with rescues, shelters and the like. If you have time but not finances, if you have a car to transport animals, but can't foster.  Look here for ways different ways to get involved, how ever often and local to you. Or you can find rescues Amazon wishlists so you can send items directly to the them to help out.

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Next Steps...

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