Winter Gloves For Dog Owners

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It appears whether we intended to be our not, Real Dog Moms of Chicago has become a resource for all things dog. Most recently with the weather changing, we’ve been asked if we know a glove that saves us dog parents from freezing our fingers off when we walk/pick up after our dogs. Just like you, I had NO clue. Until now. Thanks to an internet scouring momma, we were introduced to Best Friends Apparel, a company based in Canada. I had no knowledge of these gloves, so I couldn’t speak for whether they were all they claimed to be. So, I reached out to them, asked them to send us a pair of their impressively designed gloves to try out and review and see if it was a brand worth sharing with our community.


I am honestly incredibly impressed with these gloves and excited to share them with you.


The details:

There’s a synthetic fabric in the palms to help you keep a hold on the leashes, which is one of my major beefs about walking my (MUST. PULL. SLED.) dog in the winter, I cannot usually keep a grip on his leash.

The thumb and middle finger are rubberized to help you open waste bags.

Each glove has a pocket for storing extra waste bags.

The fingers have a synthetic fabric to give more grip and they are smartphone friendly.

Lastly, one of my favorite features, as weird as it seemed to me, are the fleece fabric on the outside of the thumbs. Readily available to wipe those runny winter noses.

Did I mention they are waterproof?

The review:

These gloves are super fitted, there’s no clumsiness to them. No slippage. I don’t know that I need the poop bag pockets, since we have one of the bag holders on his leash, but they may be great for off leash adventures where I don’t want to carry his leash with me. The first time I used the gloves, Ragnar and I set off to the dog park. My nose always runs in the winter and I was annoyed for forgetting tissues and then I remembered the thumbs and they were PERFECT. The next morning that I wore them I failed to notice it was raining before we left the house. So, our attempts to hit up the park were rained out, but I loved noticing that they joyfully wicked the rain away. I have NO issues opening or using poop bags, and this honestly is my biggest selling point. I loathe needing to take my gloves off to open the bags and pick up the waste. These gloves are super fitted, so make sure you measure to get the right size. But I love that they are flexible and created to manage having a dog in winter WITHOUT removing your gloves. It’s yet to be seen if they keep my hands warm in the January subzero Chicago temperatures, but these 30-40-degree mornings that we spend an hour at the dog park, they have kept my fingers toasty warm. AND an added perk is that these “puppies” are my dog walking gloves, so no more ruining any other gloves picking up drool drenched balls at the dog park.


I not only liked them so much that I was willing to share they with you all, but I also asked him to give us a code to help you save a few “biscuits”, so you can get yourself a pair, too. Maybe even buy a pair for your dog’s beloved dog walker, too.

Visit to get your pair today, and use the code; rdmoc20 to get 20% off your purchase thru 11/30/18

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