Who Rescued Who, Vol. 2

This fall we created a bandana that was made to tell a story and provide 100% donation to the rescue of your selection. We are so excited to share the second story written by one of my FAVORITE families. We met them early on and I’ve (jes) spent 1.5 years working to get Sweet Lucy to let me pet her. It finally happened at our Winter Photos and I can now die happy. Here is their story:

Karla and her sweet pibble, Lucy

It’s been over 2 years since my bf & I took in our sweet Lucy & while we knew giving her a loving home was going to change her life for the better, I couldn’t even imagine how she would change mine. See Lucy’s rescue story is different & I think important to share. She was not rescued/adopted from a shelter, Lucy was rescued away from her previous owner. Lucy was given to this unknown male as a puppy & later taken away after hearing around that he was suspected to be affiliated with dog fighting. We do know she was neglected & her ears were improperly cropped off under him with no medical attention. Although I support #adoptdontshop & believe breeding dogs contribute to the overpopulation of shelter dogs across America, I do commend her Breeders for taking her back & wanting her to be in a good home. That’s where we come in. My boyfriend’s cousin took her in temporarily & as soon as we saw her, we jumped at the opportunity to help her.

She was so tiny & sick. We took her in at 9 weeks old & the first few days were heartbreaking. She was very timid/scared & wanted to stay in her little cage. She was not eating at all & very lethargic. On top of that her ears were noticeably infected. My boyfriend & I took her to the doctor & were able to give her the medical attention she needed to get better. She got treated for her ear infection, stomach parasite, & mange. I was so focused on helping Lucy & wanting her to feel loved, that never would I have thought that she was really rescuing me. There’s this famous quote I heard of growing up, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” I finally get this & couldn’t agree with this even more.

I didn’t grow up with any pets. Lucy is my first dog & in reality rescued me. She has touched my heart & soul, that there are no words to really describe it. It’s more of a feeling. That feeling when she eagerly welcomes me every time I get home. Or when she puts her head on my chest when we go to bed. Lucy has changed my life for the better & has shown me the meaning of unconditional love. She has brought my boyfriend & I closer & really was the missing piece between us. She’s given me a new motivation & passion to help advocate for Pitbull type dogs, but most importantly help all dogs/rescue groups the best way I can. Lucy has become my best friend, daughter (yeap, ya heard right) & my constant happiness. I recently had a big loss in my family, & Lucy has helped me deal with it. She’s by my side through the bad & good days. She’s taught me that sometimes in life you have to stop & smell the roses. I promised to give her the best life possible, but in return that is what she really has given me. I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY & BEYOND MY SWEET LUCY!