Who Rescued Who, Vol. 1

This fall we created a bandana that was made to tell a story and provide 100% donation to the rescue of your selection. We are so excited to share this first story written by a girl crush of mine. She’s a CACC transfer volunteer who’s Instagram stories always warm and break my heart.

Lindsay and her sweet pibble, Molly

written by: Lindsay M. 

I lived in LA for a few years and was really looking for a companion. I had previously had a Pittie who I loved so much and basically wanted an exact replica of her, ha! A work friend suggested I check out West LA Animal Shelter, so I did. It was an eye opening experience for me because I had never stepped foot into an all access shelter that euthanizes. I loved every single dog. Similarly to Chicago, they were all Pittie mixes. I’m such a weirdo, I can remember so many of their names. Anyway, I walked up to Molly who was sitting in her cage and smiling. She was so cute and beautiful- and of course looked nothing like my previous pup. I asked to see her and when we got into the play lot I like to believe she ran right into my arms… now that I’ve had her for 6 years, I’ve realized she actually had the zoomies and I was just in her way. It worked for her though, because I was smitten. My boyfriend at the time suggested we go home and think about it (what was there to think about?!). We went back to get her the following day and thankfully she was still there waiting. At checkout, we found out she was actually very urgent and on their euth list for that week after having no interest for months. Molly has mange, duel ear infections, worms, and was in heat… all while in a cage in the hot California sun. She must have been miserable. Molly is truly the best thing to happen to me. And her hanky says it all. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety and depression, I was having a really hard time in the new city of LA. I really believe having my ride or die buddy not only got me through some rough days, but also helped me get out of the house and run simple errands and helped my over all health as she was my hiking buddy too. After realizing LA wasn’t for me, I decided to move back home to Chicago. My mom flew out and us 3 girls made the long drive home. It was so much fun. Molly got to stay in hotels, eat lots of fast food, climb a mountain in Veil, CO, hop into a river somewhere in the middle states, etc. Once back home in Chicago, I wanted to give time to dogs like Molly. My mom’s neighbor had a cousin who volunteers at CACC. I got in touch with her (my now friend, Tracy) and she helped me through the volunteer process. Now, I’m a 5 year volunteer at CACC and part of the transfer team there. So many dogs just like Molly waiting for their special someone. Molly has been an awesome foster sister to a handful of dogs too, though I think she loves being the only, spoiled child better. Haha. Thanks so much for listening to her story. She is the BEST!

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