Spooky Pupkin Treats


Our dear friends from Side By Side Pet have made a special video for us on how to make at home, SPOOKY PUPKIN treats!! Please enjoy making and tag us in your after photos!!


Here are the answers to some of your pet nutrition questions!!


What do I need to feed my dog so she lives forever?
I WISH I could answer this!!! From what we know about longevity, we recommend feeding fresh, balanced, whole foods and a variety of them, limit exposure to toxins such as pesticides on lawns and internally (like topical flea and tick), don’t vaccinate unnecessarily, regular outdoor exercise and a low stress/high love lifestyle.
About Grain Free food and heart issues/what can I give to counteract these issues?
The issue isn’t so much that the food doesn’t contain grains, it’s that these companies “split” ingredients so the recipes end up being ridiculously high carbs even though they’re not from grains or valuable fruits and veggies. “Ingredient splitting is the deceptive practice of subdividing a more abundant — yet inferior quality — ingredient into smaller portions.This dubious tactic can be used to artificially raise a meat item to a higher position on an ingredients list — and lower an inferior one. -Rodney HabibThe heart issue is separate, sort of. In these recipes the animal is not provided with high quality real muscle meat, which provide taurine, essential to heart health. The synthetic stuff is not utilized well and therefore does not promote a healthy heart. If we just incorporate meat, either freeze dried or fresh, we will invigorate the heart. We source hearts for our diets as we believe they are a great source of taurine, phosphorus and SHEN energy ( the Vital Energy of the heart).Things you can do for your pet to encourage a healthy heart; Feed whole foods – make sure it’s balanced. Feed hearts (we make beef, bison and chicken) for treats. Go play outside every single day. Don’t let your baby get too chunky. Watch the sodium in those treats!
Is it safe to give your dog home cooked food instead of commercial dog food?
Yes, as long as it is balanced. See, Dr Becker’s book for recipes.  Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats.
Information on why grain free is now unsafe.
This article explains it really well. But it’s not the “having or not having grains that’s the true problem- it’s the other ingredients that are added… and eww, those synthetics. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/dog-food-ingredient-splitting/
Information on Dog allergies- Yes, dogs suffer from allergies like food- but usually it’s the protein in the food, environmental, and allergies to toxins.
Most animals are consuming synthetics and processed foods which proliferate sensitivities (not true allergies) and cause things to get “stuck” in the body. Lots of times you see this stuckness as itchy skin, hot spots, one ear that just won’t clear up, and reactions to food ingredients. By understanding your pets’ constitution, you can use food to rebalance and clear away the “stuckness” and find relief.
Cheapest way to feed them a human grade diet. Make it yourself. Raw materials cost about half as much as a prepared, balanced meal. If you’ve got the time, it’s an awesome thing to be able to do for your pet. Just follow a balanced recipe.


What should I be feeding my dog to make its’ poop more solid (other than pumpkin)?
First, please consider the need to reestablish a healthy flora in your pup’s GI tract. If she’s consistently been squishy, she could probably use 3 weeks of Belly Balance to get her gut “game face” on. Once that’s taken care of, foods like diatomaceous earth, pumpkin seeds (more nutritious then regular pumpkin), slippery elm powder, Glutamine, or soupy rice (like congee cooked in a dog safe bone broth) can be added to your pet’s food.