Real Dog Moms has gone to the cats!

All cats love “cozy spots”. Cats at the city shelter often have lost the comfy spots they once cherished. Overnight, they go from family life or even an independent life in their home outdoor territory to suddenly sitting in a small cage in a busy, noisy, strange place. Almost every cat that arrives at the shelter is scared and confused. They also may be ill, injured, or nursing kittens. While we work to find our cats and kittens new homes, you can help them feel less vulnerable in their temporary quarters.

Most cat owners already know that their pets seek out boxes and other small spots when they feel stress or just want a quiet nap. Research supports this observation also applies to animals in shelters. Accounting to a study published in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science Journal (, “…Cats with boxes exhibited faster recovery ability and also adapted to their new environment more quickly.”

At Chicago’s city shelter, we want to do everything we can to keep our cats healthy and content while we get them ready for adoption. Since stress is directly linked to illness, we need to do everything we can to reduce stress for our cats. The Neighborhood Cat Dens (LINK) give kitties a quiet place to relax within their larger kennel. This den also adds a raised perch so kitties have more space to move around, and explore when they feel comfortable, and a front window so we can photograph them and they can check out their new environments while still feeling safe. In addition, these shelter-quality dens are made of easy-to-disinfect materials and feature locking side port doors to give us the option to transport a cat between rooms without having to move them in and out of their familiar “hidey-hole”.

We know we can count on our animal-loving community to buy these dens – and make the cats’ shelter stay much more comfortable — with your help. All you need to do is make a tax-deductible donation to CACC’s non-profit partners at @FCACC (LINK TO FUNDRAISER). Our goal is to raise $8,640 to purchase 120 cat dens for all of Chicago’s shelter cats. Please help our special cats today — and share this post far and wide!