Real Dog Moms of Chicago fundraise for One Tail

We give a bark about helping homeless Chicago dogs. We know you do, too. That’s why we are working hard to help One Tail at a Time fund-raise to pay for the mortgage and renovations for their new Isolation Center.  Real Dog Moms of Chicago has joined their small biz committee and has come up with a goal of raising $5,000 by the end of the year. Join us in this goal. Dads welcome to join, too!

Update: We have surpassed out goal, but we welcome you to donate. All funds are donated directly via the website and go to helping pay all the bills for this new OTAT location. If the current locations “falls through” they are saving these funds for A ISO location. Wherever it ends up being.

One Tail Dog - Sapphire - Real Dog Moms of Chicago


What’s an ISO Center?

ISO is short for Isolation. The Center will be used to house dogs that come from local shelters (Chicago Animal Care & Control and Animal Welfare League Wabash) that have endemic contagious shelter diseases requiring animals to be quarantined once rescued.

Where will it be?

The Property is a commercial building located at 3567 W Dickens Chicago IL 60647.

How much does OTAT need to raise?

The Goal is $350,000 raised.

What’s the timeline?

The local alderman keeps pushing the zoning meetings back due to elections. Luckily, the seller on the Dickens property has agreed to extend OTAT’s contingency until after the election. They *love* this property and don’t want to let it go, so will be waiting until March 2019.

Their zoning attorney believes they have a very good chance of being approved in March, so they will wait until then. If by chance they do not get the zoning change, they will move on and immediately look for another property. However they remain optimistic that Dickens will be theirs this coming Spring, which would mean they would be up and running by Summer 2019.

What will happen inside the building?

The property will not be open to the public, rather it will be a place for volunteers and fosters to care for sick and injured dogs prior to them becoming adoptable. The facility will house 20 dogs at a time in spacious large dog kennels and a wall of small dog kennels.