Meet Fetching Tails Foundation!

written by: Kristen Gottschalk co-founder

Fetching Tails Foundation is a 501c3 Illinois based non-breed specific rescue committed to saving dogs regardless of breed, age, and physical ability. Our foundation is committed to lowering euthanasia rates by rescuing adoptable dogs from high kill shelters and other animal intake facilities and placing them in approved adopted homes. We are dedicated to helping our community through educational programs and combined efforts for spay & neuter clinics.




FTF started because we knew we wanted to help more Chicago Animal Care and Control dogs. We want to make those dogs our main focus which it has been and we continue to be one of their top dog rescue groups and we really take anything we can. Severe medical, parvo, senior, terrified and all sizes. Which is run by 3 women including myself, mom Linda and friend Doreen.

Fun Fact: Why green? Because at our first board meeting a Mint Girl Scout box of cookies was sitting on the table and we were like no one has this color so let’s do green!

In 2018, Fetching Tails was been able to rescue 369 dogs and find forever homes for more than 340 of them.

The whole month of January Real Dog Moms of Chicago will be working with Fetching Tails Foundation. Every event we host you can bring items from the below list or ship something to them directly from their Amazon Wishlist.

Also, all purchases from our merchandise store will provide 10% of the sale donation to Fetching Tails Foundation.