December Pool Party

December Pool Party

Event Details

  • Date: Sunday - December 9, 2018
  • Time: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Location: 1430 W Willow St, Chicago, IL

Registration for the December Pool party is now open.

Come for the swim; stay for the fun. Register online with Doggy Paddle for our December Pool Party!

You’ll pay upfront to reserve your space, they will reach out shortly to book your dog. Most swims are booked with dogs of similar sizes or dogs that are buds. You can note for whom you’d like to swim with or a time that you prefer, but just know they may not be able to accommodate everyone’s wish. If they cannot accommodate you at all, you will be fully refunded.

$25 for the 30 minute swim, margaritas & pizza. Plus your dog is welcome to play in the indoor park during the entirety of the party. So feel free to come early and let them socialize before & after their swims.

Please note: we are having an unusual influx of scammers selling their “tickets” if you can no longer attend one of our events you are to inform us, we will help you try to “re-sell” your registration fees. DO not fall prey to scammers, we don’t allow anyone to sell their tickets without it coming from us.


1430 W Willow St, Chicago, IL

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