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Our "Real Dog" Parents community:

Kari And Lilly

"Lilly"  is our beloved Wheaten Terrier who turns 10 years old on Saturday! She enjoys long walks to the park, car rides, and befriending the neighborhood skunks (which often leads to her least favorite activity: going to the groomer). Lilly is a big fan of her new human cousin and takes any opportunity she can to make him smile.  When not doing any of these, you can find her belly up and snoring in her spot on the couch or hoping for the last bite of whatever is on your plate.  Happy Birthday to the most fantastic, goofiest fur baby ever!

Maria and La Bou

Hey friends, we’re Maria and La Bou (“la-boo”)! This is the story of how a cat mom became a cat-and-dog mom.

My 12-year-old cat David is pretty much the love of my life, but when my husband Matt and I moved to Chicago’s dog-friendly West Loop, we decided it was time for a dog too. I wanted to adopt a dog from a rescue (I volunteer at PAWS), but Matt had wanted a golden retriever his whole life. He finally convinced me and we brought home La Bou in September, on the condition that if I didn’t get my rescue dog, La Bou would be trained to eventually work as a therapy dog. I’m a special education teacher; I know the joy that therapy dogs bring to individuals with special needs and I want La Bou to make people happy too (even her hashtag is #laboumakespeoplehappy!). My ultimate dream job for her is to calm nervous travelers at the airport!

La Bou is now 7 months old. While we still have a lot of training to do before she begins working as a therapy dog, she has a great temperament, is incredibly social, and loves people just as much as they love her. Even David the cat is warming up to her! At this point I can’t picture our family without her. La Bou and I are so thankful to be a part of this wonderful Chicago dog mom community!

Leigh and Moose

My fiancé was on the fence about getting a puppy for a while since we both have busy travel schedules. The moment I showed him Moose’s picture he changed his mind! Moose is a 9 month old Bernedoodle. He’s been called the happiest dog in Chicago by several dog walkers. As a young pup he sort of looked like he’d been electrocuted and just about everyone stopped us in the street to ask about him. He still loves attention and has to get a pet from everyone at the dog park before leaving. Likes: winter, snow, fetch, keep away, elk antlers, everyone who likes him. Dislikes: hot weather, paw wipes, whenever one of us isn’t home (he ate my passport earlier this week so I guess I’ll be around for a while).

Jenny and Zip

When Mike and I were engaged we talked about getting a dog. I grew up with golden retrievers but Mike had never grown up with dogs so it was going to be a new adventure for him. The year we got married we had 12 other weddings so we got on the waitlist for a puppy but knew we had to be careful with our timing to ensure that we would be able to be the best puppy parents we could. On August 8th, 2015 we exchanged our vows in Lake Tahoe California and I vowed to get Mike a puppy. We had no idea that across the country in down state Illinois that puppy was being born. 2 months later after all the wedding craziness on October 17th, we picked up Zip Adee Duda and they told us that he was born on August 8, 2015 and we knew he was the best gift we could have asked for. People used to always sing Zip Adee Duda to Mike growing up so we thought we would play off that and name him Zip, thinking he seemed like the fat, lazy one and it would be ironic but turns out he is pretty darn fast! His name always makes people smile too, which is exactly what we wanted. Zip has brought us back to the basics of life, at the end of the day, all the matters is love, food, exercise and snuggles. He is always up for an adventure and truly makes every day better. He has also become a good big brother to his new human sister Izzy.

Becca and Indy

When my first dog, Sherlock, passed away, I was heartbroken. I waited a long time to even start looking for another dog. But when I walked into Felines and Canines (@felinesandcanines), and saw Indy, I am not embarrassed to admit I cried, because I knew I had found the perfect dog for me.

Indy is originally from Alabama, but she is a Chicago dog through and through now, and loves romping in the snow. She also loves snuggling with me, visiting her grandparents, playing with her toys (especially tug, fetch, and chew), long walks, and going to doggy daycare at Found (@found_chicago).
Indy and I have truly become inseparable. She brings such joy and love to my life, and always keeps me laughing. I'm so lucky we found each other!

Heather and Ruthie

Hi, I'm Heather and this is my best friend, Ruthie. I am completely obsessed with her. Ruthie is an 11-year-old lab mix. She was found on the side of the road tied to a pole with a bowl of food and water in August 2015. She had cancer, ear infections, and a bad dental situation. I was supposed to foster her for one week as she recovered from surgeries and get her ready for her forever home; but, plans changed and now she is mine forever. I knew the first night she was meant for me when she got on the couch to lay her head in my lap. We were instantly head over heels. I do whatever I can to make sure she knows nothing but love and forgets about her rough times in the past, but she has shown me the meaning of unconditional love as well. In the time we have had each other, Ruthie has been by my side through injuries, broken hearts, and unemployment. That greeting I get whenever I come through the door is the best part of my day. She is a pretty chill dog and is quite content on the couch watching Bravo, sports, or Netflix. When she isn't watching tv, her favorite hobbies are sleeping and eating. She also likes to swim to help her arthritis. She's a staff favorite wherever she goes! She has also become a foster sister and shows those who have had it rough that it gets better. Her age has slowed her down on walks, but she still has no problem leading me to the Bentley's on Southport for some treats.  Ruthie is my whole world and I am excited for many more years of memories

Kelsi, Tyler & Madi

Hi! We're Kelsi and Tyler, and this is our little, white, fur baby, Madi. Madi is a one year old, West Highland Terrier, named after Chicago's Madison street. We brought her home October of 2017.  Since then, she has quickly grown accustom to city life, where she has made more friends than we have, learned which shops on her walk give out the best treats, and how to ride the elevator like a pro.  Madi is a regular at Skinner Dog Park, where you can find her stealing tennis balls and teasing the big dogs by hiding in the spaces under the rocks. Since the day we brought her home, Madi has taught us how to properly greet others, how to enjoy the simple things in life, and how to love unconditionally.  She brings so much joy, spunk, and love into our lives, and we are so thankful she is part of our little family. What a great community and city to be a part of!

Stephanie, Tom and Amos

Happy new year! We're Stephanie and Tom, and our fluff bundle of joy is Amos, who turns two next month. Tom and I were both born around Chicago while Amos came to us from Oregon, but he's quite the city dog now. Just a couple of months after moving in with us, walking under the L didn't even phase him. In fact, the L prepared him for fireworks, which merely bore him even as he falls asleep underneath them.
Us humans met through our running group, and Amos can certainly keep up. He's run some trails with us that went beyond 7 miles and he's still up for more when we call it a day. The only thing that truly tires him out is a few hours on a pup play date.
While indifferent to most humans when he meets them the first time, friends gain his trust and exorbitant tail wags and hugs. The quickest way to his heart is cheese and kielbasa. 
Amos has been on numerous road trips with us and loves nothing more than a big open field. We love hiking as a family and even an occasional outing on the water. There's a lot of energy to enjoy but always followed up by an equal amount of cuddles.

Karin & Albie, Squidge and Duncan

Hi, Everyone! I’m Karin, dog momma to Albie, Squidge, & Duncan.

I moved back to Chicago from Los Angeles in 2017 with my two older dogs. Six months after one passed away, I adopted Albie as a friend for the other. When she passed away, I worried Albie was getting lonely. I wasn’t ready to commit to another dog permanently so I looked into fostering.

I had been fostering for a local rescue, K9s4U Dog Rescue, for a few months, and from the second Squidge walked in the door she and Albie were inseparable. People even think they are littermates when they see them! Needless to say, I foster failed. 

Then in October, I started fostering Duncan and he just sort of inserted himself into our lives. I certainly wasn’t looking to add a third dog to the pack, but it was meant to be. They all have their roles in the group - Albie is the mastermind, Squidge is the comic relief, and Duncan is the cuddle bug. They are the sweetest, most loving dogs and I consider myself lucky to be their person.

We’re so happy to have found RDMoC and can’t wait to participate in more events! We wish you all a Happy New Year

Stephanie & Finn

Hey everyone, I’m Stephanie and Finn is my best bud. I had moved to Rockford in fall 2015 for a teaching job, where I did not know anyone nor did I have any friends before moving there, which was pretty tough for me. I had been thinking about adopting a dog for as long as I can remember but due to housing restrictions I couldn’t have a dog. When I found myself  browsing websites for animal shelters daily, I decided I needed to get an ESA (Emotional Support Dog) and my doctor happily wrote a letter for me that allowed me to adopt Finn in December 2016. Finn’s biological mom was rescued from Oklahoma by a local shelter, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary where I brought home an itty-bitty, 8 week-old, 5 lb baby Finn. I can’t believe it’s been two years already!

Finn and I are so happy to be a part of a wonderful community of amazing people. I am so happy to have stumbled upon RDMoC on Instagram and I had no idea how much it would change our lives for the better. We have met many of you at events and you are all awesome. Technically we live in Oak Park, but I am a CPS teacher and we are always is Chicago at the dog park, dog events, or pet shops.  Finn loves attention from dogs and people as he is super friendly. As some of you know, Finn is extra friendly and generous with kisses, so watch out!

Clare & Meadow

Hello fellow dog Mommas!

I'm Clare and my dog is Meadow.  I do environmental restoration and work in the Chicago Park District for a contracting company. I'm a former National Park Ranger, forest service worker, lift operator and AmeriCorps graduate.
I've always grown up with a westie or small terrier in the house. Meadow is my third westie. I had taken custody of my family dog, Phoebe, when my mother got sick. Phoebe was an amazing dog and sadly passed in August 2017 of liver failure.
 2017 was a rough year with losing Phoebe,  an ovarian cancer diagnosis, multiple surgeries and four months on disability from work I adopted Meadow from Westie Rescue of  Missouri. She was just what I needed after a difficult year and I was ready to spoil her.
Meadow came from a dog mill that was broken in January 2018. Shes 6 years old and I'm unsure how many litters she had. I like to joke that I got fixed before Meadw got fixed!
I like to organize westie and friends meetups once a month at different locations throughout the city of anyone is interested please feel free to follow Meadows page.

Samantha & Duke

Hello fellow dog lovers!  I’m Samantha and this is my dog, Duke.  From 5 pounds on his gotcha day to now 63, he is a lovable ball of fur with a contagious smile. His talents range from - singing along to sirens, to big bear hugs, to having a magnetic pull to friends that are blocks away. On Weekends you can find him running circles around Wiggly Park and taunting the less athletic innocent bystanders. His likes are; bully sticks, eating snow, and sniffing crotches. His dislikes are;  Santa Claus, Sitting still, and Fox 5 news.

Renee & Rita

Hi, I’m Renee and I was fortunate to adopt Rita (like the metermaid) from @placingpawsrescue on March 29, 2018 when she was 11mo old. Rita is an English Springer Spaniel (Field Model, that’s a real hunting dog!) Her back story is that her sister, mother and her were kept feral, so Rita came to me with only one month of human society experience from her foster family. She was afraid of all people, especially men (who she barked at, all of them.) She’d never been in the city so buses, bus stops, garbage trucks, clanking metal plates in the streets, constructions sites, elevated trains and oh so many things were spin-at-the-end-of-the-leash-terrifying, but we were in love from the first night together. We both love water, swimming, the beach, being outside, being active, socializing (but not too much), nature, exploring as well as repetition, challenges and having fun. So that’s what we’ve been doing, and all along I pushed Rita to face her fears. We’d stop under the el when the train went by, or next to a construction site, and I have to give my dad a lot of credit for working her on the man front. Now, she’s nearly a normal dog in the eyes of others, to me she’s always been amazing. She’s my spirit animal and people say we have the same hair. I love open water swimming (for recreation) and wanted a dog to swim with me, that’s why I picked a smallish hunting breed. But through learning together and figuring out Rita’s limits, we’ve settled on I now TOW her behind me, which creates quite a spectacle that I guess makes people happy. It makes me happy too and Rita tolerates it, haha, but gets her fun time on the beach. You can find us most swimmable mornings April-Nov at Oak Street Beach. Xoxox Renee and Rita

Amy & Zephyr

Hi from Amy and Zephyr! Zephyr is a 10 year old chihuahua/dachshund mix (or, more affectionately known as a "chiweenie"!), and he is by and far my best pal. He is named after the Red Hot Chili Peppers song. I adopted him the day after Christmas in 2016. I had found a dog on Petfinder that was at A.D.O.P.T. Shelter in Naperville, who appeared to be a perfect match for what I was looking for. Upon arriving at A.D.O.P.T., I decided to meet a few of the small dogs they had available as long as I was there.
I first met two other dogs that were adorable, but we didn't have that "click". Zeph was the third dog to come in the visiting room- I'll never forget the moment we met. He immediately walked over to me with his little trot, and proceeded to climb directly into my lap, and settle in. I then found out he was a senior dog, which made me love him even more. It was love at first sight! I heard a woman out in the hall tell her husband, "Look! That dog just climbed right in that girl's lap!" Yep. Meant to be.
Zeph is the life of the party wherever he goes. He is spunky, friendly, and always a comedian. He is the best snuggler anyone could ever ask for, and is sometimes nowhere to be found because he is busy burrowing himself deep in a blanket fort. He is my best buddy, and I am so thankful every single day that we found each other!

Jessica & Jameson

Hi! My name is Jessica Watson and I am a proud dog mom to my golden retriever pup, Jameson! My husband and I moved to Chicago in 2014 and fell in love with the city. We bought our first home a year ago and within weeks of moving in, we thought what better way to make it our home than by getting a dog? Fast forward 2 months later and we had an 8 week old golden retriever puppy! Jameson is an energetic 55 lb “lap dog” who thrives on attention from humans and fur friends! Jameson doesn’t leave the house without his bow tie on because he’s a dapper pup 🐶! Jameson has been the best addition to our family and we couldn’t be more proud to be crazy dog parents to him!

Kateri & Cana!

Hey there, this is Kateri and my 7 year old pup Cana. I adopted Cana when she was only 16lbs
and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, when I lived there. Since we returned to Chicago 6
years ago, she’s blossomed into a 37lbs loving and confident best friend!
A few of Cana’s favorite things: SNOW, snowballs, her Lamp Chop stuffed toy and people
watching out of my front window. Her best feature, her little tail numb which goes crazy when
she sees her favorite hoomans (aka my grand-hooman’s). She wiggles her behind so hard she
has been known to fall down from it .

Stephany & Kaya!

Hello from our little family! My husband Dan and I (Stephany) are so happy to have Kaya with us. She is the first pet for both of us and it’s definitely been the best ever! We got married last year and adopted this little girl exactly two months later, her birthday is actually just the day after our wedding (the two dates are almost interchangeable now!) The day we adopted her we drove two hours to visit her and her littermates at her foster home. She definitely picked us and was so eager to please. Little did we know how much this puppy (originally named Rebel) would change our lives.

Kaya is a super energetic and spunky pup who has more personality than you could ever imagine. She loves to talk (aka barkbark) and wrestle hard with anyone who will take her on. She’s super smart and picks things up (like training and tricks) super quickly, but is also quick to forget when there are distractions (like squirrels or other dogs).
We love Kaya so much and always try to include her in all our adventures. I never knew we could be so obsessed with our little fur baby (and her turned out feet) but I’m so glad we found this amazing and supportive RDMOC (and dads) community!

Stephany & Kaya!

Hello from our little family! My husband Dan and I (Stephany) are so happy to have Kaya with us. She is the first pet for both of us and it’s definitely been the best ever! We got married last year and adopted this little girl exactly two months later, her birthday is actually just the day after our wedding (the two dates are almost interchangeable now!) The day we adopted her we drove two hours to visit her and her littermates at her foster home. She definitely picked us and was so eager to please. Little did we know how much this puppy (originally named Rebel) would change our lives.

Kaya is a super energetic and spunky pup who has more personality than you could ever imagine. She loves to talk (aka barkbark) and wrestle hard with anyone who will take her on. She’s super smart and picks things up (like training and tricks) super quickly, but is also quick to forget when there are distractions (like squirrels or other dogs).
We love Kaya so much and always try to include her in all our adventures. I never knew we could be so obsessed with our little fur baby (and her turned out feet) but I’m so glad we found this amazing and supportive RDMOC (and dads) community!

Amanda & Lucy!

Hi from Amanda and Lady Lucille Beatrice (or Lucy, or Goose, or meatball, or Queen Derp)!!!

Lucy is a 4 1/2 year old rescue American Staffy. Her and her sister were found at just a few weeks old being sold out of the trunk of someone’s car, being fed only canned corn, with their mother nowhere in site.  Needless to say we had some separate anxiety we had to work through. We actually went to the rescue to meet her sister, but when we got there and sat in the room with both of them, Lucy went and sat in her (now) dads lap and just went to sleep. She really chose us and from that moment on it’s been one giant love fest! Except for our cats....they despise her despite her many many MANY attempts to make them like her. But we make it work!

Lucy is incredibly submissive and just rolls I her back when she meets a dog. Big, small, puppy (she LOVES puppies) or senior. It doesn’t matter, she loves them all! She is a real life t-rex and uses her derpiness to scam human food out of us every day. She loves spending time at her favorite daycare Fit Dog (@fitdogchicago) or stealing our spots on the couch. We love her to bits and can’t imagine our lives without this velvety land seal!!

We love the RDMoC community!  And can’t wait to attend more events this winter! Thanks for helping rescues pups like Lucy!!

Kiki & Gibson!

Hi from Kiki and Gibson! We are so happy to be a part of the Real Dog Moms of Chicago community! I was born and raised in Denver, but moved to the Midwest for college and never left. I have always had a dog growing up so it was only natural I got one for myself. I finally pulled the trigger August 2017 and my mom and I drove 7 hours to southern Illinois and picked up Gibson. The first words out of my mouth when I saw him was ‘shut the front door!!’ Love at first sight. Gibson is a mini Bernedoodle who is just over 1. For those who know him know he has two personalities. He is so bashful and nervous around those he doesn’t know, but once he opens up he is a wackodoodle. He does not like to go on walks and when I try to put his leash on him, he holds up his paw like ‘no.’ He does love the beach, swimming, car rides, bow ties and all things that squeak.

The RDMOC community has really helped Gibson come out of his shell with all the great events they host and I love meeting others with the same fur baby obsession as I do. We hope to meet more of you at the events!

Carolyn & her crew!

I’m Carolyn Alonzo the owner of Fetch! Pet Care of Greater Chicago. I’m a lifelong Chicagoan and I’ve been in business for over 11 years. I’m also the dog mom of 4 rescues: 3 Beagles and 1 Chihuahua, from 3yrs to 13yrs old: Pete, Obi, Lily and Zuzu. In one way or another they all have special needs or medical issues so it’s fortunate for them and me, that I work from home and I can give them a good life.

I wasn’t tuned into the rescue community until I adopted my first dog Pete from a kill shelter in Freeport, Il. From there on out I was obsessed and if I didn’t run Fetch! I like to think I would have started my own rescue. Fortunately my business affords me the opportunity to support the various rescues in the city and that is an amazing feeling.

Candy & Jill

We are Candy and Jill!  More than 5 years ago, I moved out of my parents' house and into my first apartment.  I had never lived without a dog, and I lasted all of one month before I was too lonely and started browsing rescue websites.  She was everything I didn't want in a dog.  I wanted an older dog who could go on long walks with me, loved people and other dogs, didn't need grooming, and was pretty well trained.  Candy was a dinky little Shih Tzu, 3 years old, with a case of ADD.  But, the dog chooses you, right? Candy gets groomed every few months, went to obedience school to work on her ADD and focus issues (and passed with flying colors!), and can't even walk a mile without pooping out.  But, she is my unofficial emotional support dog and knows exactly what I need and when I need it.  If she senses I am upset or anxious, she climbs into my lap and licks my hands until I'm better.  She loves sleepovers with Grammy and Grampy, is my nephew's bestie, and I couldn't image the past 5 years without her.  Who would lick the peanut butter off my plate and push me to the edge of the bed?

Millie & Jessica

We're Jess and Jordan and we are so happy to be a part of the Real Dog Moms/Dads of Chicago community! Our fur baby Millie is about one and a half years old (born on Christmas Eve!) and we've had her since she was a puppy. She is sweet, spunky, and never fails to make us smile. Millie's favorite things include FETCH (#ballislife), peanut butter (her kryptonite), and, of course, playing with her doggy friends!
Being first time dog parents, Millie has taught us a lot. There's the little things like learning how to give our silly doodle dog a bath without ending up with hundreds of mats (doodle/poodle parents, you know what I'm talking about!) or what to do when she eats something she's not supposed to (one very expensive emergency vet bill later...). But then there's the bigger things like how Millie has made us a more active part of our community. Walking with her has helped us get to know our neighbors and, for Jordan, who is a transplant from California, helped us feel at home in the Chicago area. She's only been with us for a short time but already we can't imagine life without all 17 pounds of this girl! We never would have thought that such a wonderful and big life change could come in such a small package.

Cheeto & Liz

One year ago today, after the LONGEST week waiting for approval, we brought home our baby. He was skinny, confused by stairs, and desperate for attention. We hadn’t even been married a month, still had folding chairs at the dining table, and had no idea just how much we needed him in our life.
Over the past year we’ve had countless vet visits to get him healthy inside and out! He’s now a healthy weight, bladder stone free, and has knees that can support him through all our adventures.
We’ve spent time at dog parks, forest preserves, and lots of time in the car. Cheeto’s favorite thing so far? Camping for sure! We bought a bigger couch to fit Cheeto's need to sprawl during cuddle time. We all survived a stressful move and the #wheatenofwheaton is thriving!
It’s been a big year for this little family, but we’ve got each other to carry us through. 
Being Cheeto’s dog mom is the best thing in the world!
Thank you RDMoC for this fun community of dog moms supporting each other. 

Ellie, Theo & Katie

Hi, from the Mack family!🐶👫🐶 These 2 sweet cavapoos, Ellie & Theo, live in Lincoln Park with me and my husband (Katie & Joey) and we can’t imagine our lives without them! 
We got Ellie as a tiny pup 4 yrs ago and she has grown up to be the true definition of sweet & sassy!
Ellie was the flower girl at our wedding last year👰🌸,and she did fantastic!! She is obsessed with playing ball and catching literally anything - including specs of dust, LOL! 
Theo is the newest member of the fam- we adopted him from @nlolchicago just 5 mos ago, and UGH is he the sweetest. The night he was rescued from animal control, NLOL posted a picture on Facebook and I literally cried..I just knew it was fate (ah, such a sap)! Theo is SUCH a lover, and a super goofy guy, which has us laughing daily.
We’re a very happy 2-dog household and excited to be a part of this dog Mom/Dad community! 💕

Foxy, Lola & Nadia

These are my little ladies, Foxy & Lola. Believe or not, they are sisters (same parents)! I got Foxy December 1st of last year and Lola 3 weeks ago. Foxy will be 1 in September and Lola is almost 3 months. They are Pomeranian/Jack Russell Terrier mixes. They may be small, but they pack a lot of love. Foxy will lick your face off and Lola will demand belly rubs until your hand falls off. Foxy is a model for a few shops, and Lola is working on her modeling poses. You will always see Foxy rockin’ some new attire on walks and CTA rides. Lola is most likely napping under a fish tank or dresser🤣. These ladies mean the world to me. I’d definitely John Wick someone for them.

Jack & Meaghan

I had walked into @heartland_animal_shelter with a mission: find the beagle mix named Chet with the soulful puppy eyes I had seen on their website the night before. It was August 2006. For the first time since I had been a child, I was finally in a place in my life where I could have a dog again. I knew the one I wanted.
I only glanced in each run long enough to see whether or not it was him. And when I found him, time stopped. He ceased his incessant, begging bark and looked at me. His tail raised straight up into the air like a white flag. Slowly, it started to wag. Then it wagged a little harder, until finally his whole butt was wiggling. I knew I had found my dog.
Jack (I changed his name after adopting him) has been with me now for most of my adult life. He’s my best friend; my “road dog” - my “ride or die.” He’s the most happy go lucky dog I’ve ever met. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and gets along with everyone and everything (he even has tried to make friends with several wild deer and a horse). When it comes to food, there rarely is a treat he’ll turn down. Plain cake donuts in particular are his favorite guilty pleasure.
He’s turning 14 next month, which scares me to think about. He’s just as happy and spunky as he was when he was young, although he does sleep more now. But when I take him to the park and let him loose, he more than reminds me there’s plenty of life left. Wherever I go, he’ll be at my side. My companion. My protector. My best friend❤

Obama & Liz

Obama is a three year old retired racer. He got his forever home with Liz September of 2017. Obama, Obie for short, has a big personality, and his Mama learns more about his goofy quirks everyday! His favorite activities include sleeping, getting treats, and zoomies! His favorite treats include anything salmon flavored, coconut oil when he gets his teeth brushed, and chicken jerky. While Liz is out bringing home the biscuits, Obie is happily sleeping at home – he sleeps for 18 hours a day! He takes retired life very seriously. Liz, Obie, and Papa Matt love going to breweries together all over the city. They also enjoy meeting up with other Greyhounds and laid back pups. Obie loves to go camping and boating with his pawrents too! Adopting a Greyhound is the best decision Liz ever made, and she can’t wait to see all the adventures her and Obie go on together! 

Murray & Beth

Hi! My name's Beth and I'm a technical communications specialist who grew up as a cat lady! One day, puppy fever hit me and it hit me HARD. We adopted Murray, our sweet golden retriever, on a farm in Ohio and he threw up the whole way home to Pittsburgh. He still isn't a fan of the car! Since we adopted Murray almost two years ago, my heart has grown three sizes. He loves playing with other dogs (and cats!), snuggling in the mornings, swimming, and especially catching a Frisbee thrown by Dad! Since contracting my puppy fever, I feel so lucky to receive the unconditional, sincere love that dogs give to us all. We moved to Chicago a little over a year ago and are SO EXCITED that there is a group just for people like us! Murray loves the meetups, especially the pool parties, and we hope to see everyone at more events in the future!

Obie & Janine

Hi from the Doyle family! My husband Connor are I (Janine) are happy parents to our fur baby, Obie (short for Oberon), who brings us constant joy / adventure / laughs. We are both originally from Virginia, but we moved to Chicago in 2012 and fell in love with the city. We welcomed Obie into our little family in September 2017 and life hasn't been quite the same since. This little pup is a bit of a character - his quirks include pulling us across the street just for the chance to meet a kid, perching on his dad's shoulders in order to get the best view of his surroundings, and having a bark that sounds like the combination of Chewbacca and a chicken. He loves big dogs and has no idea how small he is (maxed out at 13 lbs.), yet he's simultaneously terrified of plastic bags and guitars. He's a handful but we love him so much, and we're also giant fans of the Real Dog Moms (and Dads!) of Chicago community <3

Jax & Shaun

Hi! My name is Jax and this is my dad, Shaun. My dad is an interior designer for Britt Carter and Co. He wasn’t thrilled when my humom and human sister asked for a dog. He knew dogs meant messes. He tagged along when it was time for them to meet me. And do you know what happened?! He fell in love with me and signed the papers to adopt me right away. My life has been wonderful ever since. He is a great dad and I love how he protects and cares for me. Every night I thank my lucky stars for him. He has given me a new life filled with wonder and adventures.

Leroy & Michelle

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I am a dog lover by day and a psychologist by night! I grew up with dogs all of my life, and when I got out of graduate school I could not wait to have one of my own. I had friends with dogs, some I would now call “crazy dog moms.” I did not understand back then why some of my friends were so into their dogs, like their lives revolved around their dogs, with their dog themed attire and accessories. And then… I got a dog of my own! I was looking for a dog that could become a therapy dog and in January 2013 I stumbled upon a cute lab/golden mix on Petfinder. I met him that day and fell in love. I called the rescue daily until they finally approved my application. Then I became a crazy dog mom, and have the attire and accessories to prove it! Leroy is the best thing that ever happened to me and he knows it! Not only is he handsome, but he is also full of personality. In addition to spoiling Leroy, I also foster dogs and volunteer for a dog rescue in the northern suburbs. Finding the RDMoC was like finding “my people.” So far I have only attended one event, but look forward to doing more!