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Our "Real Dog" Parents community:

Cheeto & Liz

One year ago today, after the LONGEST week waiting for approval, we brought home our baby. He was skinny, confused by stairs, and desperate for attention. We hadn’t even been married a month, still had folding chairs at the dining table, and had no idea just how much we needed him in our life.
Over the past year we’ve had countless vet visits to get him healthy inside and out! He’s now a healthy weight, bladder stone free, and has knees that can support him through all our adventures.
We’ve spent time at dog parks, forest preserves, and lots of time in the car. Cheeto’s favorite thing so far? Camping for sure! We bought a bigger couch to fit Cheeto's need to sprawl during cuddle time. We all survived a stressful move and the #wheatenofwheaton is thriving!
It’s been a big year for this little family, but we’ve got each other to carry us through. 
Being Cheeto’s dog mom is the best thing in the world!
Thank you RDMoC for this fun community of dog moms supporting each other. 

Ellie, Theo & Katie

Hi, from the Mack family!🐶👫🐶 These 2 sweet cavapoos, Ellie & Theo, live in Lincoln Park with me and my husband (Katie & Joey) and we can’t imagine our lives without them! 
We got Ellie as a tiny pup 4 yrs ago and she has grown up to be the true definition of sweet & sassy!
Ellie was the flower girl at our wedding last year👰🌸,and she did fantastic!! She is obsessed with playing ball and catching literally anything - including specs of dust, LOL! 
Theo is the newest member of the fam- we adopted him from @nlolchicago just 5 mos ago, and UGH is he the sweetest. The night he was rescued from animal control, NLOL posted a picture on Facebook and I literally cried..I just knew it was fate (ah, such a sap)! Theo is SUCH a lover, and a super goofy guy, which has us laughing daily.
We’re a very happy 2-dog household and excited to be a part of this dog Mom/Dad community! 💕

Foxy, Lola & Nadia

These are my little ladies, Foxy & Lola. Believe or not, they are sisters (same parents)! I got Foxy December 1st of last year and Lola 3 weeks ago. Foxy will be 1 in September and Lola is almost 3 months. They are Pomeranian/Jack Russell Terrier mixes. They may be small, but they pack a lot of love. Foxy will lick your face off and Lola will demand belly rubs until your hand falls off. Foxy is a model for a few shops, and Lola is working on her modeling poses. You will always see Foxy rockin’ some new attire on walks and CTA rides. Lola is most likely napping under a fish tank or dresser🤣. These ladies mean the world to me. I’d definitely John Wick someone for them.

Jack & Meaghan

I had walked into @heartland_animal_shelter with a mission: find the beagle mix named Chet with the soulful puppy eyes I had seen on their website the night before. It was August 2006. For the first time since I had been a child, I was finally in a place in my life where I could have a dog again. I knew the one I wanted.
I only glanced in each run long enough to see whether or not it was him. And when I found him, time stopped. He ceased his incessant, begging bark and looked at me. His tail raised straight up into the air like a white flag. Slowly, it started to wag. Then it wagged a little harder, until finally his whole butt was wiggling. I knew I had found my dog.
Jack (I changed his name after adopting him) has been with me now for most of my adult life. He’s my best friend; my “road dog” - my “ride or die.” He’s the most happy go lucky dog I’ve ever met. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and gets along with everyone and everything (he even has tried to make friends with several wild deer and a horse). When it comes to food, there rarely is a treat he’ll turn down. Plain cake donuts in particular are his favorite guilty pleasure.
He’s turning 14 next month, which scares me to think about. He’s just as happy and spunky as he was when he was young, although he does sleep more now. But when I take him to the park and let him loose, he more than reminds me there’s plenty of life left. Wherever I go, he’ll be at my side. My companion. My protector. My best friend❤

Obama & Liz

Obama is a three year old retired racer. He got his forever home with Liz September of 2017. Obama, Obie for short, has a big personality, and his Mama learns more about his goofy quirks everyday! His favorite activities include sleeping, getting treats, and zoomies! His favorite treats include anything salmon flavored, coconut oil when he gets his teeth brushed, and chicken jerky. While Liz is out bringing home the biscuits, Obie is happily sleeping at home – he sleeps for 18 hours a day! He takes retired life very seriously. Liz, Obie, and Papa Matt love going to breweries together all over the city. They also enjoy meeting up with other Greyhounds and laid back pups. Obie loves to go camping and boating with his pawrents too! Adopting a Greyhound is the best decision Liz ever made, and she can’t wait to see all the adventures her and Obie go on together! 

Murray & Beth

Hi! My name's Beth and I'm a technical communications specialist who grew up as a cat lady! One day, puppy fever hit me and it hit me HARD. We adopted Murray, our sweet golden retriever, on a farm in Ohio and he threw up the whole way home to Pittsburgh. He still isn't a fan of the car! Since we adopted Murray almost two years ago, my heart has grown three sizes. He loves playing with other dogs (and cats!), snuggling in the mornings, swimming, and especially catching a Frisbee thrown by Dad! Since contracting my puppy fever, I feel so lucky to receive the unconditional, sincere love that dogs give to us all. We moved to Chicago a little over a year ago and are SO EXCITED that there is a group just for people like us! Murray loves the meetups, especially the pool parties, and we hope to see everyone at more events in the future!

Obie & Janine

Hi from the Doyle family! My husband Connor are I (Janine) are happy parents to our fur baby, Obie (short for Oberon), who brings us constant joy / adventure / laughs. We are both originally from Virginia, but we moved to Chicago in 2012 and fell in love with the city. We welcomed Obie into our little family in September 2017 and life hasn't been quite the same since. This little pup is a bit of a character - his quirks include pulling us across the street just for the chance to meet a kid, perching on his dad's shoulders in order to get the best view of his surroundings, and having a bark that sounds like the combination of Chewbacca and a chicken. He loves big dogs and has no idea how small he is (maxed out at 13 lbs.), yet he's simultaneously terrified of plastic bags and guitars. He's a handful but we love him so much, and we're also giant fans of the Real Dog Moms (and Dads!) of Chicago community <3

Jax & Shaun

Hi! My name is Jax and this is my dad, Shaun. My dad is an interior designer for Britt Carter and Co. He wasn’t thrilled when my humom and human sister asked for a dog. He knew dogs meant messes. He tagged along when it was time for them to meet me. And do you know what happened?! He fell in love with me and signed the papers to adopt me right away. My life has been wonderful ever since. He is a great dad and I love how he protects and cares for me. Every night I thank my lucky stars for him. He has given me a new life filled with wonder and adventures.

Leroy & Michelle

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I am a dog lover by day and a psychologist by night! I grew up with dogs all of my life, and when I got out of graduate school I could not wait to have one of my own. I had friends with dogs, some I would now call “crazy dog moms.” I did not understand back then why some of my friends were so into their dogs, like their lives revolved around their dogs, with their dog themed attire and accessories. And then… I got a dog of my own! I was looking for a dog that could become a therapy dog and in January 2013 I stumbled upon a cute lab/golden mix on Petfinder. I met him that day and fell in love. I called the rescue daily until they finally approved my application. Then I became a crazy dog mom, and have the attire and accessories to prove it! Leroy is the best thing that ever happened to me and he knows it! Not only is he handsome, but he is also full of personality. In addition to spoiling Leroy, I also foster dogs and volunteer for a dog rescue in the northern suburbs. Finding the RDMoC was like finding “my people.” So far I have only attended one event, but look forward to doing more!