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Lindsey (Bogey, Levon and Scrappy)

Co-Founder of Real Dog Moms of Chattanooga

Hello dog lovers! I’m Lindsey, co-founder of Real Dog Mom’s of Chattanooga and proud dog mom of 3 fur boys. My husband, Robby, and I call them our Chattanooga nesting dogs: Bogey, an 80lb lab mix; Levon, a 40lb unknown brown dog; and Scrappy, a 10lb toy fox terrier mix. They have each come to us at the right moment to fill our hearts with their amazing dog love. While none of them came straight from a shelter, they have all been rescued from the side of the road and/or from an adopter who didn’t understand the commitment a puppy demands. .
When I’m not obsessing over dogs or loving on my boys, I’m a photographer, seeing live music, or traveling! I am excited to share my love of dogs with the #chattanoogacommunity and support the local #animalrescues !!

Meredith (Zeus and Buddha)

Meet Meredith, Co-Founder of Real Dog Moms of Chattanooga.

Like Lindsey, she is “mildly” obsessed with dogs and is excited to bring this community together! Her two fur boys are Zeus and Buddha who were both rescued in Hot Springs, Ark. before she and her husband Taylor moved to Chattanooga. Meredith has a huge heart and it shows through her love of not only her dogs but ALL of the dogs, ever. 😂
When she isn’t hanging with her pups, Meredith is volunteering, enjoying craft beer, or seeing live music.