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What Is Pet Insurance?

Everyone has purchased insurance at some point, but very few people understand how it works. This is no surprise as it can be confusing, so when people hear of insurance for animals they wonder: “What is pet insurance and why would I ever need it?” First, consider the things in your life you deem worthy Read More

The Puppy Mill Project

Written by: Susan Banach (event planner for the Puppy Mill Project)


Recently a friend told me she had bought her dog from a pet store. The store clerk claimed it came from a “reputable breeder” and gave her the dog’s papers and a photo of his mother and father. The store is part of one of the major corporate pet store chains, who routinely source their dogs from puppy mills, aka mass commercial breeders. When she took her new puppy to her veterinarian she was told that her new pet was ill. She contacted the pet store and was told that the store was no longer responsible because she had broken the contract by using an outside veterinarian. Read More

Empawthy Project

Written by: Jon Davis

I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people during my brief time being involved in the Chicago animal rescue community. These people tend to have a lot of traits in common: driven, dedicated, a bit weird, and a history of special relationships with animals. As I began to talk with some of these people, I realized that many of their lives have been saved by their pets, just as mine has been. Read More