What exactly is my dog eating?

Real Dog Moms of Chicago are so excited to announce our new perk!! We’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking to Side by Side Pet Food, setting up this blog, creating a discount special for you AND coolest of all: they are opening a store front in Lincoln Park in August. We will be hosting educational Yappy Hours with them to help you better understand your dogs health needs. Same great code & 15% off their food, treats & supplements. 

In the spirit of transparency, they are offering new customers 25% off with code: lovedog-25; so go take the assessment you’ll read about below. Get 25% off your first order, fall in love and then use our special perk code to always save on healthy food for your dog.  Read More

Mochi’s Journey and the Power of the Dog Mom Community

About a month ago, we posted that Midwest Canine Connection was in dire need of foster homes. One family rushed to help. This is their story of sweet sweet failure. 

By Bridget Devine

In early June, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I saw a post shared by RDMoC from Midwest Canine Connections. The non-for-profit rescue organization was looking for foster homes by Saturday for a litter of lab-mix puppies taken from a farm in Kentucky. It was already Thursday, so I knew they were in desperate need. My partner and I had been considering taking in a second dog (we currently have a 10-month-old Bull Terrier), but nothing had been officially decided and we weren’t sure about the decision. Between the organization needing temporary homes desperately and an opportunity to test the waters as a multi-dog family, I immediately reached out. Read More

Dogs That Heal: Canine Therapy Corps

Written by: Ann Davidson, Operations Manager at Canine Therapy Corp

We’re so glad to see that Real Dog Moms of Chicago has been featuring so many great blog posts about therapy dogs recently.  We’d like to tell you about one more local organization specializing in therapy dogs: Canine Therapy Corps. Read More

Lessons I Learned from Jeep, our therapy dog.


When I was first told to write about our therapy dog, Jeep, I did not know how to start. So I am starting with Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, a therapy dog is a dog that might be trained to provide affection, comfort and love to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with anxiety disorders or autism. Good start huh?! Read More

Houndstooth Grooming

We at Real Dog Moms of Chicago won’t ever promote products we wouldn’t ourselves use, that we couldn’t afford or that don’t align with our morals and core values. When Houndstooth Grooming reached out to us, we had them send samples for the dog dads to try out.  We won’t work with something we don’t personally know. My husband is incredibly particular about his hair and hair products, he would naturally provide great feedback. They sent us two samples, the paste and the matte clay. He said he liked both, but the Matte Clay he felt was the best product he’d used in his hair in years. SO naturally we felt working with Houndstooth Grooming made sense since they give back to the rescue world. We proudly present to you… 


I’ll always be with you – K9s For Veterans

The Real Dog Moms of Chicago are very excited to introduce the recipient of our 4th of July photos AND our July beneficiary of the donations from our co-hosted events at Mutt Jackson.


“You will never walk alone because I will always be with you.” Read More

Pet Partners of Greater Chicago

Have you ever wondered about Pet Therapy (it’s official name is Animal Assisted Intervention).  Let us tell you more about it.

In general terms, Pet Therapy is having animals visit hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, college campuses and many other locations to help people’s mood improve and to bring cheer.  In other cases animals can also assist patients who are working on improving mobility – helping a stroke patient learn to walk by walking a dog, for example.  Read More

Love at first swipe.

Love at first swipe… A digital adoption story.

by: Candice Marie Shearman

Well guys, it’s official, I’m a crazy dog lady.

I grew up with cats but always, always, always wanted a dog. Almost the moment I moved out of my mom’s house for college I got a puppy and named her Ocho. I swore to myself then that I wouldn’t be one of crazy dog ladies that only talks about her dogs, forces people to look at pictures of her dog and plans her life around her dog. Fast forward 13 years, I now have a three dog home, you read that right THREE dog home.  I pretty much only go places were my dogs are also allowed, and stay in on Friday nights to hang out with my dog-pack. Oh yea, and my dogs have their own Instagram page. Whoops! Read More

Meet Famous Fido

Imagine this for a moment: You’re sound asleep in bed, and you get a phone call at 2 am, and it’s a complete stranger that has to “get rid of” their dog or cat right that moment. What do you do? Well, if you’re are the folks at Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance, that bed is a small bed in an office in a rescue center with over 100 animals you are taking care of. And what you do is; figure out a space for them, or call on your supporters to help find a temporary home so that dog or cat does not end up on a kill shelter or, worse, abandoned somewhere on the streets. Read More

Airline Pet Travel 101 | How to Fly with your Dog

A floofy butt prancing around the airport always turns heads, not just because they’re cute, but because people wonder how dogs can travel on an airplane. While many people don’t think it’s PAWsible to fly with your furry friend, it is. Read More

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