Who Rescued Who?

The Real Dog Moms of Chicago give a bark about helping homeless Chicago dogs. We know you do, too. That’s why we are working hard to help One Tail at a Time fundraise to pay for the mortgage and renovations for their new Isolation (ISO) Center. The ISO Center will be used to house dogs that come from local shelters (Chicago Animal Care & Control and Animal Welfare League Wabash) that have endemic contagious shelter diseases requiring animals to be quarantined once rescued. Their goal is to raise $350,000. Continue reading “Who Rescued Who?”

A Look Inside Pooch Hotel – Lincoln Park

We thought it might be great to show you around some of our perk partners. Help you know why we’ve worked together to create these cost savings.  

After touring Pooch Hotel Lincoln Park, our gracious photographer told me how amazing the tour was and how back when they looking for a facility to bring their pup she felt turned off by places that weren’t transparent. I asked her if she would be interested in writing a blog about how this tour made her feel. Here is her description and experience behind the scenes with us at PHLP! 

by Amanda Schaeffer

From the moment you walk into Pooch Hotel Lincoln Park, what is abundantly clear is that they LOVE dogs. Not only is that their philosophy but it is exuded from the two women who have graciously opened the doors to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility.

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It’s 9:30 AM on a Friday morning, and second-grade teacher Erica Rodriguez is setting up her classroom. The anticipation in the room is high – lots of excited wiggles and wide smiles color the landscape of her classroom. As students put on their nametags, they can hear their volunteers near and immediately get into the SitStayRead ready position. Along with the whispers from the hallway, there’s another sound that echoes among the school halls – paws walking on the tile and tags jingling from a secure collar. Continue reading “SitStayRead”

Senior Pets United

 Somewhere down the road you may have seen or heard how much senior dogs mean to Lindy & me. Our dream is to some day open a Senior Sanctuary. Until that day, we love supporting rescues such as Newman Nation: Senior Pets United. Our August recipient of the month from our co-hosted events at Mutt Jackson.  We are so excited to introduce you to them and you can meet them at Mutt Jackson on August 25th from 9-11am when they host their mini pop up! 

Newman Nation: Senior Pets United is a 501c3 foster-based rescue that saves urgent special needs and hospice senior cats and dogs from high-kill shelters. We believe that every senior animal deserves a chance to experience love and happiness and die with dignity instead of alone in a shelter.

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What exactly is my dog eating?

Real Dog Moms of Chicago are so excited to announce our new perk!! We’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking to Side by Side Pet Food, setting up this blog, creating a discount special for you AND coolest of all: they are opening a store front in Lincoln Park in August. We will be hosting educational Yappy Hours with them to help you better understand your dogs health needs. Same great code & 15% off their food, treats & supplements. 

In the spirit of transparency, they are offering new customers 25% off with code: lovedog-25; so go take the assessment you’ll read about below. Get 25% off your first order, fall in love and then use our special perk code to always save on healthy food for your dog.  Continue reading “What exactly is my dog eating?”

Mochi’s Journey and the Power of the Dog Mom Community

About a month ago, we posted that Midwest Canine Connection was in dire need of foster homes. One family rushed to help. This is their story of sweet sweet failure. 

By Bridget Devine

In early June, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I saw a post shared by RDMoC from Midwest Canine Connections. The non-for-profit rescue organization was looking for foster homes by Saturday for a litter of lab-mix puppies taken from a farm in Kentucky. It was already Thursday, so I knew they were in desperate need. My partner and I had been considering taking in a second dog (we currently have a 10-month-old Bull Terrier), but nothing had been officially decided and we weren’t sure about the decision. Between the organization needing temporary homes desperately and an opportunity to test the waters as a multi-dog family, I immediately reached out. Continue reading “Mochi’s Journey and the Power of the Dog Mom Community”

Lessons I Learned from Jeep, our therapy dog.


When I was first told to write about our therapy dog, Jeep, I did not know how to start. So I am starting with Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, a therapy dog is a dog that might be trained to provide affection, comfort and love to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with anxiety disorders or autism. Good start huh?! Continue reading “Lessons I Learned from Jeep, our therapy dog.”

Houndstooth Grooming

We at Real Dog Moms of Chicago won’t ever promote products we wouldn’t ourselves use, that we couldn’t afford or that don’t align with our morals and core values. When Houndstooth Grooming reached out to us, we had them send samples for the dog dads to try out.  We won’t work with something we don’t personally know. My husband is incredibly particular about his hair and hair products, he would naturally provide great feedback. They sent us two samples, the paste and the matte clay. He said he liked both, but the Matte Clay he felt was the best product he’d used in his hair in years. SO naturally we felt working with Houndstooth Grooming made sense since they give back to the rescue world. We proudly present to you… 


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