Empawthy Project

Written by: Jon Davis

I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people during my brief time being involved in the Chicago animal rescue community. These people tend to have a lot of traits in common: driven, dedicated, a bit weird, and a history of special relationships with animals. As I began to talk with some of these people, I realized that many of their lives have been saved by their pets, just as mine has been. Read More

Winter Gloves For Dog Owners

UPDATE!! We have enough orders for free shipping (to rdmoc for your pick up) See details at end of blog.

It appears whether we intended to be our not, Real Dog Moms of Chicago has become a resource for all things dog. Most recently with the weather changing, we’ve been asked if we know a glove that saves us dog parents from freezing our fingers off when we walk/pick up after our dogs. Just like you, I had NO clue. Until now. Read More

Moose’s Mission

written by: Jenny McClear

Moose’s Mission started small, in my one bedroom apartment in the West Loop, with one volunteer – me. Read More

First-Time Pet Owners’ Guide to Adopting an Animal

Guest Blog written by: Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends 

Have you decided to adopt your first pet? Adopting a pet can be very exciting, especially if it is your first time as a pet owner. But, it can also bring up a whole bunch of questions that you didn’t even know you had. Because of this, it is very important that you enter pet parenthood well-informed. Read More

Spooky Pupkin Treats


Our dear friends from Side By Side Pet have made a special video for us on how to make at home, SPOOKY PUPKIN treats!! Please enjoy making and tag us in your after photos!!

< Read More

Who Rescued Who, Vol. 1

This fall we created a bandana that was made to tell a story and provide 100% donation to the rescue of your selection. We are so excited to share this first story written by a girl crush of mine. She’s a CACC transfer volunteer who’s Instagram stories always warm and break my heart. Read More

Foster life turned Fetching Tails Foundation

Written By:

Kristen Gottschalk
Co-Founder | Executive Director
Fetching Tails Foundation

Where do I even start with Wrigley? I adopted him with my now-husband 12 years ago so I was only 23 years old at the time. He was my first personal dog. I never had a breed preference when it came to owning a dog as I grew up with all large-breed dogs my entire life. But Chris wanted a lab and I wanted a male dog so we compromised. I still remember the day when we went to the foster family’s home and there were two lab brothers and we picked out our Wrigley.  Wrigley was a rescue from Hurricane Katrina and came up on a transport from Louisiana. Read More

Who Rescued Who?

The Real Dog Moms of Chicago give a bark about helping homeless Chicago dogs. We know you do, too. That’s why we are working hard to help One Tail at a Time fundraise to pay for the mortgage and renovations for their new Isolation (ISO) Center. The ISO Center will be used to house dogs that come from local shelters (Chicago Animal Care & Control and Animal Welfare League Wabash) that have endemic contagious shelter diseases requiring animals to be quarantined once rescued. Their goal is to raise $350,000. Read More

A Look Inside Pooch Hotel – Lincoln Park

We thought it might be great to show you around some of our perk partners. Help you know why we’ve worked together to create these cost savings.  

After touring Pooch Hotel Lincoln Park, our gracious photographer told me how amazing the tour was and how back when they looking for a facility to bring their pup she felt turned off by places that weren’t transparent. I asked her if she would be interested in writing a blog about how this tour made her feel. Here is her description and experience behind the scenes with us at PHLP! 

by Amanda Schaeffer

From the moment you walk into Pooch Hotel Lincoln Park, what is abundantly clear is that they LOVE dogs. Not only is that their philosophy but it is exuded from the two women who have graciously opened the doors to give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility.

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Types of Therapy Dogs

You may have see on our website that we have a page called “Lending Paws.” On that page you can find a few local NFPs that rescue dogs/cats/rabbits and find ways to get involved outside of physically volunteering. We have also listed ways to donate financially or through things like Amazon wish-lists. Read More

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