Meet L.E.A.D. Rescue

LEAD (Love Everything About Dogs) is a volunteer-run, non-profit 501(c)(3) dog rescue devoted to helping animals in need and lowering the euthanasia rates for Chicago area open-access shelters. LEAD Rescue NFP is a no-kill foster based dog rescue, that helps dogs in the Chicagoland area find loving, adoptive homes. LEAD first started unofficially, as a Read More

Meet CPR Fund K9 Rescue

We are excited for you to meet CPR Fund K9 Rescue. The Real Dog Moms of Chicago Rescue of the Month for March! CPR Fund was incorporated in 2002 by a small group of EMT’s and paramedics, the CPR Fund went straight to work rescuing dogs set to be euthanized at local shelters.  All rescues receive the Read More

The Real Dog Moms has gone to the CATS!

Last May, our gal Christine at Rescue in Style was turning 30 and her wishlist was big … $26,613.75 big. Her wishlist totaled the cost of getting every dog in Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) a bed. We came along side Christine and over two weeks we raise $5,660 and bought 56 beds for the dogs waiting for their forever homes. It was exciting to see the donations coming in, often sharing tears with Christine, as I [jes] texted her the daily donation total. Then in June, a bunch of us got together and put those beds together. It was a lot of fun and incredible to see firsthand the donations put to use for the dogs. And we are so thankful to have such a wonderful supportive community.

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Meet K94Keeps

K94Keeps is  a 100% foster-based, volunteer run 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to dog rescue. We believe rescue should begin with education to support positive, forever relationships- bringing a dog into your home should be a lifelong commitment. We also believe that once you adopt a dog from us, you are part of OUR family. K94Keeps Read More

The Puppy Mill Project

Written by: Susan Banach (event planner for the Puppy Mill Project)


Recently a friend told me she had bought her dog from a pet store. The store clerk claimed it came from a “reputable breeder” and gave her the dog’s papers and a photo of his mother and father. The store is part of one of the major corporate pet store chains, who routinely source their dogs from puppy mills, aka mass commercial breeders. When she took her new puppy to her veterinarian she was told that her new pet was ill. She contacted the pet store and was told that the store was no longer responsible because she had broken the contract by using an outside veterinarian. Read More

A Dog’s New Year Resolution.

written by: Side By Side Pet Food

This Year, Help Your Pet Get Healthier & Live Longer

Take The Whole Food Pledge!

Ahhh New Year’s Resolutions – a time to eat healthier, cut the sugar, ditch the booze, sleep more, get to the gym, floss (your teeth not the dance, but if that’s one of your resolutions… that’s cool too, you do you!) Every year millions of people make a commitment to themselves to get healthier, but what about our pets? Often times we forget to apply these same philosophies to our beloved fur babies, but not this year! This year is going to be the year your dog will feel better than ever, jump higher, run faster & add years to their life. Seem crazy? It’s not. The length & quality of their life starts in their bowls and in their bellies.

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Meet Fetching Tails Foundation!

written by: Kristen Gottschalk co-founder

Fetching Tails Foundation is a 501c3 Illinois based non-breed specific rescue committed to saving dogs regardless of breed, age, and physical ability. Our foundation is committed to lowering euthanasia rates by rescuing adoptable dogs from high kill shelters and other animal intake facilities and placing them in approved adopted homes. We are dedicated to helping our community through educational programs and combined efforts for spay & neuter clinics.

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Who Rescued Who, Vol. 2

This fall we created a bandana that was made to tell a story and provide 100% donation to the rescue of your selection. We are so excited to share the second story written by one of my FAVORITE families. We met them early on and I’ve (jes) spent 1.5 years working to get Sweet Lucy to let me pet her. It finally happened at our Winter Photos and I can now die happy. Here is their story: Read More

Empawthy Project

Written by: Jon Davis

I have met a lot of amazing and inspiring people during my brief time being involved in the Chicago animal rescue community. These people tend to have a lot of traits in common: driven, dedicated, a bit weird, and a history of special relationships with animals. As I began to talk with some of these people, I realized that many of their lives have been saved by their pets, just as mine has been. Read More

Winter Gloves For Dog Owners

UPDATE!! We have enough orders for free shipping (to rdmoc for your pick up) See details at end of blog.

It appears whether we intended to be our not, Real Dog Moms of Chicago has become a resource for all things dog. Most recently with the weather changing, we’ve been asked if we know a glove that saves us dog parents from freezing our fingers off when we walk/pick up after our dogs. Just like you, I had NO clue. Until now. Read More

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