Mom Squad

Did you know we met at Skinner Dog Park? Jes posted a photo on her dog’s Instagram account during the summer of 2016, one of her dog chasing after another pup. Some time shortly after Lindy commented from her dog’s Instagram, saying “hey, that’s me!” We spent *some* time “internet talking” about meeting up for our dogs to play we would randomly see one another at the park and chat a little. Then Lindy & Steven got married!!!  Jes and David said they would love to watch Jake while they went on their honeymoon. It was during the visit that we learned our dogs were the BEST of friends and that jes and david (and ragnar) just bought a home in their building. It wasn’t long before jes & lindy became best friends, too. It was clearly meant to be, our love of dogs and wine know no limits. It was at an event with too much porch punch that we schemed up this silly idea, having NO idea what it would, indeed, become…the Real Dog Moms. THE MOST FUN STALKING DOGS, ever. 

Jessica (Ragnar and Fozzie)

The Thumbs behind it all. Jessica is the Chip Gaines of RDMoC, always a little goofy, but gets sh*t done.

Life-long dog obsessed momma to 3 year old Aussie mix twin brothers, Ragnar, her third beloved beast, that she found on Facebook as a puppy being re-homed. And then 2.5 years later rescued his litter mate Fozzie when is original family gave him up due to his seizures. First came Emma (a rescued Australian shepherd), second was Greta (failed PAWS foster German Shepherd). 9 year veteran Foster Mom for PAWS Chicago. Known for “dog calling” from bike or out the window of her car AND for losing mind & have minor panic attacks over puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds. Regular “violator” of other people’s dogs at dog park. Will kiss and hug your dog if it goes near her… you’ve been warned.

To reach jes about all things rdmoc, you can contact her at

Lindy (and Jake)

Brand Manager & CFO – Lindy is the Joanna Gaines of RDMoC, she makes things beautiful.

Lindy is a first time dog momma, adopting Jake in May of 2016 from Midwest Canine Connection, but she’s been a crazy cat lady all of her life. She currently has 3 fur babies, her dog, Jake 3 years old, and two cats,  Abbie 14 years old and 2 years old Otto (rescued from Trio Animal Foundation). She has been caring for and fundraising for homeless pets since 2004 when she first adopted Sophie (until we meet again, my sweet girl) at the Jacksonville Humane Society for which she was volunteering at the time. Since then, she has been working with various local shelters providing care, supplies, and love to the animals still looking for a forever home. She’s always looking for some whiskers to pet and will squeal when she sees a dog from afar!

Ragnar Jake and Fozzie

Marcie (And Shiner and Franklin)

Donor Relations Manager and Occasional Web Manager

Marcie adopted Shiner (or, Shiner chose her) in August of 2016, and Franklin joined in May 2019, but she has had dog siblings consistently since she was three months old. Needless to say, she has been in training to be a dog mom her entire life. She dreams of a day when she can open a doggie day care and play with dogs all day every day. Until then, she enthusiastically raises money for and works on donations for dog rescues. You can find her taking Shiner and Franklin on walks (more like tripping over both leashes) and taking them out of their way to introduce them to new dogs, but actually so that she can meet the dog herself.

To talk to Marcie about sponsoring or donating you can reach her at

Kerry (And Coco)

Special Events Manager and Copy Editor

Kerry adopted Coco in December of 2016 from her favorite Chicago rescue, One Tail at a Time.  Until adopting Coco, Kerry was a self proclaimed crazy cat lady (she still has two cats), but now she fully embraces being a crazy dog Mom. In her day job, she’s a software Business Analyst but her passion has been animals since she adopted her first cat Luna back in 1997. If all goes well and she wins the lottery someday, she’ll open an animal rescue in Chicago. Until that day though, she’ll continue to donate as much of her time and money that she can to help the cats and dogs of Chicago. You can often find Kerry and Coco checking out dog friendly bars, breweries, and restaurants all over the city.

To speak to Kerry about our special events, you can reach her at

Alysia (and Franklin)

Digital Media

Alysia adopted Franklin in November of 2015 and hasn’t stopped forcing kisses upon him since. Franklin was adopted through Roll Over Animal Rescue and Alysia fosters pups for them regularly. She also has 4 chickens (Honey, Ethel, Tornado, and Grace) and a soft spot for animals of all kinds. For her day job she’s a designer for a study abroad organization which sparks her need for adventure so you can find Alysia and Franklin hiking, biking, and hanging out wherever dogs are allowed.


rdmoc – book club
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Book club for our dog mom community. Must answer questions to join, so we can verify you are local and dog loving.

Meet Kiki and Gibson! Moderator of Book Club

We are so happy to be a part of the Real Dog Moms of Chicago community! I was born and raised in Denver, but moved to the Midwest for college and never left the area. I have lived in Chicago for almost 9 years now. Gibson is a mini Bernedoodle who is 1.5 yrs old. For those who know him know he is little stinker and has two personalities. He is so bashful and nervous around those he doesn’t know, but once he opens up he is a wackodoodle. He has tested my patience this last year, but I am thankful for the little guy.
The RDMOC community has really helped Gibson come out of his shell with all the great events they host and I love meeting others with the same fur baby obsession as I do. I am the only one of my friends who has a dog, so I am so thankful to find other crazies.  We hope to meet more of you at the events!

Meet Vanessa and Cooper!  Moderator of Book Club

Vanessa was raised in Bolivia and moved to the U.S. in 2016, she adopted Cooper in 2017 and has been obsessed with him ever since. Cooper is a “bilingual” Mini Australian Shepherd that is super relaxed at home but once he’s out, goes crazy and wants to chase birds, bags and occasionally other dogs. In early 2018 she moved to Chicago with her husband and Cooper and found the amazing RDMoC community, a place where she can be her crazy dog obsessed self!

rdmoc – North/ Northwest Suburbs
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Dog Parents living North of Chicago Proper and North of Interstate 290!

Meet Julie & Callie. Moderator of the North/Northwest Burbs

Julie is a new dog mom to Callie, a Chocolate Lab/Collie mix. Although this is her first fur baby (and rescue!), she has grown up with several doggie siblings. Julie has always been extremely passionate about “giving back” to animal shelters and rescues by participating in fundraising events, donating supplies, and spreading awareness about the importance of adoption. When she’s not working her 9 to 5, Julie can be found with her boyfriend and her Callie girl- walkin’ it, dog parkin’ it, beer or winin’ it, and sometimes all of the above! Although originally from the Southwest suburbs, she currently lives in Palatine, and is very excited to be an admin of the NW Suburbs division of RDMoC!

Meet Vanessa & Kelso. Moderator of the North/Northwest Burbs

We are so excited to be expanding The Real Dog Moms of Chicago into the suburbs! My husband and I adopted Kelso on July 4, 2018 from our favorite rescue group, The Fetching Tails Foundation. Believe it or not, Kelso is my first dog…EVER, but you wouldn’t be able to tell since I have embraced the role of “dog mom” through and through. Growing up, my brother was allergic and it wasn’t until we bought our own house that we decided to finally get a dog! Kelso is the silliest, most energetic, and lovable pup you will ever meet. Because he was fostered with two big brothers, Dudley and Buffet, Kelso is GREAT with other dogs and loves to run and play all day. Kelso is 1 year old and just shy of 70 pounds, but he thinks he is a lap dog and will snuggle with you all day long! We were so fortunate to adopt Kelso, which is why I want to do everything I can to give back to the amazing rescue groups we have in Illinois. I am looking forward to helping out with events in the burbs and getting more suburban dog moms involved in any and all upcoming events 🙂

rdmoc – dogs with human siblings
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Welcome to the niche of dog moms with kids under 5. We aim to host events to welcome and support dog moms with human kids, as well as pregnant moms.

Meet Isabel, George Washington and William.  Moderator of “Kids & Fur Babies FB Group

Isabel is a new dog (and baby) mom. Isabel met George Washington in February 2017 and they have been inseparable ever since. She is crazy about all dogs, big and small! Her non-fur baby, William (or the twerp, as George calls him), joined the family in February 2018 and loves having an older fur brother to chase his tail and dip his fingers in his dog bowl.

Meet Kate, Norman and Landon & Emma.
Moderator of “Kids & Fur Babies FB Group

Kate is the proud mother of toddler twins and a Frenchie named Norm. She taught special education for teenagers and adults with behavioral and emotional difficulties for ten years. She obtained her master’s degree in counseling and is certified in postpartum support counseling. She works from home as an artist for the time being and is still active in the mental health field, volunteering as a community advocate for Postpartum Support International.

rdmoc – South / Southwest Suburbs
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Dog parents living South of Chicago Proper and South of Interstate 290!