Did you know we met at Skinner Dog Park? Jes posted a photo on her dog's Instagram account during the summer of 2016, one of her dog chasing after another pup. Some time shortly after Lindy commented from her dog's Instagram, saying "hey, that's me!" We spent *some* time "internet talking" about meeting up for our dogs to play we would randomly see one another at the park and chat a little. Then Lindy & Steven got married!!!  Jes and David said they would love to watch Jake while they went on their honeymoon. It was during the visit that we learned our dogs were the BEST of friends and that jes and david (and ragnar) just bought a home in their building. It wasn't long before jes & lindy became best friends, too. It was clearly meant to be, our love of dogs and wine know no limits. It was at an event with too much porch punch that we schemed up this silly idea, having NO idea what it would, indeed, become...the Real Dog Moms. THE MOST FUN STALKING DOGS, ever. 

Meet the Team


Jessica (and Ragnar)

The thumbs behind it all, Real Dog Mom

Jessica is the Chip Gaines of RDMoC, always a little goofy.

Life-long dog obsessed momma to 2.5 year old Aussie mix, Ragnar, her third beloved beast. First came Emma (a rescued Australian shepherd), second was Greta (failed PAWS foster German Shepherd). 9 year veteran Foster Mom for PAWS Chicago. Known for losing mind & have minor panic attacks over puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds. Regular “violator” of other people’s dogs at dog park. Will kiss and hug your dog if it goes near her... you’ve been warned.


Lindy (and Jake)

Brand Manager & CFO, Real Dog Mom

Lindy is the Joanna Gaines of RDMoC, she makes everything perfect.

Lindy is a new dog momma, adopting Jake in May of 2016, but she’s been a crazy cat lady all of her life. She currently has 3 fur babies, her dog, Jake 1.5 years old, and two cats,  Abbie 12 years old and 6 mo. old kitten Otto (rescued from Trio Animal Foundation). She has been caring for and fundraising for homeless pets since 2004 when she first adopted Sophie (until we meet again, my sweet girl) at the Jacksonville Humane Society for which she was volunteering at the time. Since then, she has been working with various local shelters providing care, supplies, and love to the animals still looking for a forever home. She’s always looking for some whiskers to pet and will squeal when she sees a dog from afar!


Next Steps...

If you are an obsessed Dog Mom, join us!