Month: June 2018

Pet Partners of Greater Chicago

Have you ever wondered about Pet Therapy (it’s official name is Animal Assisted Intervention).  Let us tell you more about it.

In general terms, Pet Therapy is having animals visit hospitals, libraries, nursing homes, college campuses and many other locations to help people’s mood improve and to bring cheer.  In other cases animals can also assist patients who are working on improving mobility – helping a stroke patient learn to walk by walking a dog, for example.  Read More

Love at first swipe.

Love at first swipe… A digital adoption story.

by: Candice Marie Shearman

Well guys, it’s official, I’m a crazy dog lady.

I grew up with cats but always, always, always wanted a dog. Almost the moment I moved out of my mom’s house for college I got a puppy and named her Ocho. I swore to myself then that I wouldn’t be one of crazy dog ladies that only talks about her dogs, forces people to look at pictures of her dog and plans her life around her dog. Fast forward 13 years, I now have a three dog home, you read that right THREE dog home.  I pretty much only go places were my dogs are also allowed, and stay in on Friday nights to hang out with my dog-pack. Oh yea, and my dogs have their own Instagram page. Whoops! Read More

Meet Famous Fido

Imagine this for a moment: You’re sound asleep in bed, and you get a phone call at 2 am, and it’s a complete stranger that has to “get rid of” their dog or cat right that moment. What do you do? Well, if you’re are the folks at Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance, that bed is a small bed in an office in a rescue center with over 100 animals you are taking care of. And what you do is; figure out a space for them, or call on your supporters to help find a temporary home so that dog or cat does not end up on a kill shelter or, worse, abandoned somewhere on the streets. Read More