Month: April 2018

Animal Assisted Therapy: Murphy’s Journey

As a School Psychologist, I am privileged to work with children of various backgrounds. When students look around my office, they often comment on photos of my Australian Labradoodle, Murphy. It is amazing to see how a few minutes talking about dogs can help any child in an emotionally dysregulated state become more relaxed. I often tell my students that I wish I could bring Murphy to school with me, and they always agree that Murphy should be at school. Even with Murphy not being physically at school, he helps build rapport with students and helps kiddos feel better. These experiences with students solidified my desire for our family to become animal assisted therapy volunteers. Luckily my husband, Matt, was completely on board with this idea. Matt works in healthcare, and has witnessed his patients’ benefiting from visits from therapy dogs. With that being said, I am so happy to share Murphy’s journey, and hopefully inspire others to consider volunteering as animal assisted therapists. Please note that we are merely sharing our experiences, and realize that there are MANY training opportunities within the Chicagoland area. Read More