Month: December 2017

2017 Year End Recap

At the beginning of the year we didn’t know each other well except as dog park buddies. In April we went to a blanket making party for Moose’s Mission and came up with this silly idea for the instagram account.

9 months later we have nearly 3,000 followers and have hosted 15 events and raised just shy of $9,000 for local shelters and rescues. And best of all, became the best of friends, both Moms and our pups. Read More

Rescue in style.

First, thank you so much for asking me to share my story! I’m thrilled to be talking to all the dog moms of Chicago because you are my people. I can’t technically consider myself a dog mom, but I do have two cats that act more canine than feline. I also write about pups looking for their forever homes, so I hope you’ll let me be part of the Real Dog Moms crowd.

While I’m fairly new the blogging world, my passion for animals started at a very young age. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian in the worst way. I started my pre-vet career only to discover I couldn’t handle the whole surgical side of veterinary medicine, sort of a major component of the gig. With my dreams slightly dashed, I continued to volunteer at local shelters over the years, keeping my passion to help animals alive. Read More