Month: October 2017


A year ago, I found myself in the midst of a major life transition. I left my career in museum and corporate design, feeling burnt out and unhappy. I decided to focus the next few years on doing things that made me happy and helping others. So, I started a small jewelry business with two friends, got a Frenchie puppy named Huey, and started volunteering with SitStayRead. Read More

DIY Paw Wipes.

We spoke to Alicia Boemi from @thediydogmom and she amazingly agreed to let us share her recent blog post about DIY Paw Wipes. With the changing of the seasons, we think this is a great time to share with you so you can make some natural wipes for your beloved, too!


I wanted to create some easy paw wipes that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that I can take with me when traveling and keep in my car. This is a super easy DIY for natural paw wipes that can clean irritated paws, or be used for everyday dirty paw cleanings. Read More

Take a Walk…With Your Dog – The Benefits of a Dog Walking Routine.

We all know that daily walks are great exercise for humans, so why don’t we apply the same concept to our four-legged friends? A routine walking regimen–if done in a safe way–can be beneficial to both the pet and their parent, helping your pooch live a long and healthy life. Read More

Dog-Friendly Fall Fun for the Whole Family

It’s fall, y’all! And the temperatures in Chicago have finally caught up with the calendar, which has us itching to get outside and do all the things!< Read More